A picture of a tree in the middle of a frame.

Wedding Bouquet Refurbishing Services

Restoring a Bouquet that has already fully dried and the colors have faded requires a very different level of care to bring it back to what it looked like originally.

You get a peek into this process by reviewing the photos on this page… The challenge to Restoring vs Preserving botanicals lies in the fact that the older flowers and greenery are faded, fragile and brittle thus making them impossible to Press or mold in any way. Luckily, in my unique process of artwork I prefer to keep the shape of the flowers (to a point) so that the final artwork is dimensional!

  1. The bouquet is carefully dismantled, separating the flowers from the stems.
  2. The flowers and greenery are color corrected to resemble the bouquet when you first carried it!
  3. Blossoms that are too damaged to be revived will be replaced …same flowers just some of my own.
  4. Everything is laid out in the format you choose: Bouquet, Meadow, Tree of Life or Vase of your liking.

The finished artwork will be a lovely memento of your Special Day for years to enjoy!!
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