A picture of a tree in the middle of a frame.

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Frozen in Time Art

Dimensional botanicals on a CLEAR GLASS SURFACE so all the negative space is translucent even though it is photographed on a white surface to better show the color and detail.

I love to gather the beautiful natural elements found here in the North Georgia mountains and incorporating them into the wall art and table centerpieces that I create. I use real leaves and flowers from a wide variety of trees like Japanese Maples, Cherry Blossom trees, Dogwoods and Oak trees and make pictures of individual trees or landscape scenes. I accent the pictures with sparkly mica , quartz and wood discs which are all indigenous to this area. I seek out the wild grasses and flowers that grow in meadows or the side of the street! and I create pictures of flower bouquets or meadow scenes with these. So all the inspiration as well as the material in my artwork is from the nature all around us!

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