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Custom Wedding Bouquets

Why preserve your Flowers…?

Because gazing at a beautiful piece of wall art, created from the vibrant and fragrant flowers you carried on that Special Day, will help you to remember your Love Story!
 So much work and planning goes into every aspect of your Wedding, so many choices and decisions! What cake, what caterer, which dress!…..and which flowers to carry and enjoy as decorations as you gather with family and friends to celebrate your Wedding Day.

Once that glorious day has come and gone you have your rings and photos ( in a book somewhere…?) to keep that memory alive in your heart.

And then…as you wander into the room where your flowers are hanging on the wall, framed, vibrant and dimensional, forever Frozen In Time, it hits you again how much love and devotion you felt on that day…a beautiful reminder of how your Love Story started and evolved…a memento of your commitment to each-other “through the good times and the challenging ones”. A unique piece of wall art that will bring a lifetime of beauty to your home and an heirloom to pass on.

What makes my process unique to other flower preservation options out there…?

That is a fair question and I have an important and relevant experience to share with you…

 In 2017 I started capturing all sorts of wild flowers, grasses and leaves, drying them and then creating pictures of meadows or trees, encapsulated in resin. I noticed that some of the botanicals lost their color within a couple of years, especially if hung in a window or exposed to direct sunlight

Thus, I began the process of finetuning the color correction and color enhancement process that I now use on all my artwork, including the wedding bouquets. The finished artwork is dimensional, not smushed, and as close to the original colors as possible. The colors in your bouquet will stay this way for years to come even if it is hung on a wall in direct sunlight. It is my sincere objective to create a beautiful memento of this Special Day…a lasting piece of artwork that you will enjoy and be proud of for years to come.

….On the other hand: Blossoms that are freshly dried, pressed and framed behind glass look lovely…initially. If there is no process to protect the longevity of the colors any exposure to sunlight will speed up the inevitable fading of the flowers and greenery due to aging. I have come across examples of old and faded flowers all behind glass in a lovely frame…I find them at Thrift Stores. I do not want this for you.

  So how does this work…? 

Click on the button bellow to schedule your Flower Delivery date (within a couple of days of your wedding).

A helpful and willing family member or friend can deliver your flowers to me or ship them if you are out of my area. Shipping fresh flowers: wrap stems  in wet paper towels with some plastic wrap to seal the moisture. Cushion the flowers with shipping peanuts or soft material. Place in a box, ship overnight and I will take it from there!

Once I see your Drop-Off date on my schedule I will reach out to you to discuss what you would like me to create…An individual piece for your home or a package that would include lovely keepsake gifts for Mother Of The Bride and Groom. Smaller sizes make great Bridesmaids gifts too! We can discuss Sizes, Frame Style and flower layout such a bouquet style, meadow or Tree of Life format. 

Once I receive your flowers, the bouquet is carefully pulled apart so the blossoms and greenery can be dried separately so as to retain as much of their natural color and optimal shape as possible.  Color correction will be applied to most if not all of the flowers and greenery so that the finished artwork looks very much like the fresh bouquet on the day of the ceremony. It will be protected in layers of UV inhibiting epoxy resin for a lovely, long-lasting FROZEN IN TIME memento of your special day. 

**The turn-around time from receiving your flowers to the completion of your artwork can be from 12-15 weeks depending on the Busy Season.

**To reserve a date on my calendar, click on this link which will take you to my Booking Calendar Page. I can’t wait to meet you and have the privilege of creating your lovely Wedding Bouquet Artwork!

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