A picture of a tree in the middle of a frame.

Commissioned Pieces

Custom Artwork for your home


Frozen in Time Art

Dimensional botanicals on a CLEAR GLASS SURFACE so all the negative space is translucent even though it is photographed on a white surface to better show the color and detail.

Flowers, special rocks, trinkets and other memorabilia can be incorporated into a lovely work of art to preserve that occasion forever in a colorful and dimensional format.

Other custom work can be created to fit in a specific space on your wall or in a window where the dimensions and style can be created specific to you!

Reach out to me via email or text to chat about some creative ideas!

**A 30% non-refundable deposit is due upfront on the estimated value of the project. Occasionally an unexpected cost can impact the final price but as much as possible the initial price is met.

**The balance is due upon completion of the artwork.

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